Rolling Dice Behind A Screen

For the best results view full screen and select 720p HD quality after playing the video.

There are many situations in pen and paper role playing where the Game Master will want players or themselves to roll behind a screen so only they can see the result.  This can be easily accomplished by selecting the Screen button on the toolbar:

It will light up to indicate it is active as shown above and a screen will appear across the dice throwing area:

Now when the dice are rolled the players do not see the result of the throw – the dice will go behind the screen and all the important information is blanked out with question marks:

But for the Game Master they see the result as normal:

Favourites can also be rolled beind the screen by simply enabling the screen before rolling the favourite.

If you reroll from the history or the reroll button then the resulting throw will be screened if the original roll was screened.

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