One Roll Engine


For the best results view full screen and select 720p HD quality after playing the video.


If you want to use a One Roll Engine based system your session must have One Roll Engine enabled in the dice systems and selected as the active dice system if you have selected multiple dice systems:

The dice buttons will change to the One Roll Engine mode:

For a basic One Roll Engine roll you simply select the number of dice and throw as normal, for example in this roll we are rolling 8 dice:

When this is thrown the result is described in terms of the sets and their width and height:

The results are laid out as shown above, with the sets shown grouped within [ ] and a summary afterwards in Width x Height format.

One Roll Engine Options

The only options for the One Roll Ongine system are what to call Master and Expert dice:

For the Master dice you have a choice of Master, Wiggle or Trump. For Expert dice there is only currently one option – Expert.

Expert Dice

Expert dice are selected before the roll by clicking the Expert dice button and then selecting a value from the drop down:

Once you have selected an expert dice it is added to the top left of the dice area with the selected value showing and a cross hair symbol to indicate that it is an Expert dice:

After the roll this dice is treated like any other dice in the results except it is highlighted as being the expert dice:

You can add multiple expert dice to the same roll but only one of each value.

Master Dice

Master dice are added to the roll after the dice have been rolled, but you have to say in advance that the roll will include a Master dice by clicking the Master dice button:

Once the roll has finished you then select the value for the Master dice:

The result is shown to all the players as uncertain (???) until you’ve selected a value for the master dice.  Then it is added to the board just like the expert dice:

The Master dice is added to the results and highlighted with a crown overlay.


The basics of favourites are the same as in the normal dice system. Expert and Master dice are stored with the favourite.

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