Bone Shaker is networked dice rolling software for remote role playing, providing a shared virtual dice table designed by role players, for role players. A major part of the excitement of a traditional pen and paper role playing session is the rolling of the dice, and that is what Bone Shaker brings to the remote role playing experience.

Bone Shaker is free to use for local sessions or clients and $40 for a server license, which has a 60 day trial that won’t commence until you actually start a server.


  • Client/Server based networking, or local sessions with multiple players.
  • Supports multiple dice systems:
    • Standard D20 systems such as D&D with full support for standard and temporary modifiers and optionally supporting criticals on 20 and fumbles on 1.
    • Dice Pool systems such as Storyteller/White Wolf with support for targets, temporary modifiers, split pools and exploding dice.
    • One Roll Engine systems such as Reign or NEMESIS with support for Master and Expert dice.
  • Grab dice from favourites, previous rolls or the dice buttons and throw using drag’n'drop.
  • Roll behind the screen so only the GM sees the result.
  • Categorised, Searchable Favourites. The GM can even give favourites to players, great for bringing on new players.
  • Customisable dice colours and table top background.
  • Log of dice rolls, including a history feature for viewing previous sessions rolls.
  • Bar chart based stats for all rolls or those of a single player.

Video Tour

For the best results view full screen and select 720p HD quality after playing the video.


For more screenshots, videos and information about the features take a look at the help pages.